Dean's Note

Dean CaldwellGreetings from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences. You’ll notice the ampersand prominently displayed in our newsletter, and there is a reason for this.

& has an interesting history, originating from cursive Latin in the first century, when the letters that spell the Latin conjunction et were written together. With the advent of printing during the Renaissance, the cursive ampersand was transformed into a logogram widely understood in the Western world as shorthand for connection and inclusion.

We embrace the ampersand as a bridge connecting the two principal areas of academic inquiry in the college, the humanities and the social sciences. After all, connections among disciplines and inclusiveness of ideas are the mainstay of our mission. As this issue of HSS News demonstrates, the college includes many academic directions and ever-evolving opportunities for learning and growth. At the same time, HSS connects these individual branches of knowledge into a tapestry of liberal arts education that celebrates overarching goals. We help our students think independently while also taking into account the circumstances that connect individuals to each other.

Scribes writing in Latin likely never imagined that one day their ampersand would be a common feature of electronic text messages. As you read this issue of the HSS News, I invite you to reflect on the many ways that HSS builds upon the past to appreciate the present and that you will join us in discovering new connections that will shape our future.  May the ampersand be with you!

David Caldwell, Dean

Bringing Education to Life

This year's HSS newsletter again brings together the five themes that capture the UNC experience. We welcome new faculty and say farewell to retiring faculty; highlight student achievements and faculty initiatives; and feature notable HSS events and community engagement. We invite you to explore the College in this issue of our publication as HSS faculty and students Find, Create, Lead, Advance, and Become.

For comments or inquiries about this newsletter, feel free to contact us at We love to hear from and about you!

The 2011 HSS News was researched, written and compiled by Professor Aviva Dove-Viebahn with the assistance of Associate Dean Michelle Behr and Administrative Specialist Shai Steele.

Thanks also go out to the many HSS faculty, staff, students and alumni who sent in relevant news items and gave their time to answer questions and sit for interviews. Without their commitment to and enthusiasm for the college, this newsletter wouldn’t have been possible.


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About Us

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado is committed to the liberal arts tradition of advancing human knowledge through serious scholarship, superior instruction, and the freedom of academic inquiry. By examining the contributions of both individuals and societies, our wide array of academic disciplines teach us about the past, help us understand the present, and help shape human experience in the future.